About Us

We Are

LAMODA, a home for the fly and the fashion conscious.

Our guess is since you’re reading this, you probably fit the above description.

We provide a fun and fresh approach to shopping online and products that are accessible to trendsetters around the globe.

And like you, we love bloggers and are never off of social media, so rest assured we’re always in the loop and ready to bring you the very best of street style trends.

We Believe

In girl power! Taking inspiration from BADASS chicks all over the world as well as (one too many!) 90’s references, we aim to empower girls with our unapologetic approach to fashion.

Finding new takes on nostalgia is our kind of thing, crossing your fondest memories with the ones you’re about to make.

We Aim

To keep you in the loop with what we do. It’s our job to have you looking on point, so we appreciate your input.

Whatever you want, however you want it and however much for: we’ve got your back! We’re sort of like that virtual wardrobe Cher has in Clueless- but with better shoes.

... ...

We Want


You! Now you’ve gotten to know us a bit better, we want you to join the #LAMODATAKEOVER and be a part of our gang.